arunachala mountain is a very old and pristine mountain in the Eastern Ghats range of India. Geologists have calculated the age of this mountain as 2.6 billion years. It is an isolated hill, about fifty miles inland from the Bay of Bengal and rises into a peak of 2268 feet above sea level. On this hill there are many caves and hermitages near which are freshwater springs and tanks. On the western slopes are forest areas, but the eastern slopes, until recent years and the beginning of recent reforestation programmes, were barren. From recorded history, this area has been believed to be sacred. From time immemorial, saints and sages have sung the benevolent and liberating nature of the arunachala Hill.

The great power of arunachala hill's attraction has been affirmed by countless sages, saints and other persons who have come to the foot of the Mountain. The Hill evokes a tremendous power of radiance. Throughout the ages saints and sages have sung verses in Sanskrit, Tamil and other Indian languages extolling the unique power of arunachala to root out the ego and to bestow Self-knowledge.