Traditional Earthen Structures:  Natural Earth from the Dhamma Land is utilised for building structures. Various technologies like Rammed earth, Poured earth, Compressed stabilised Earthen blocks, Earthen Domes and vaults are implemented.

Earthen Pathways:  Poured earth walking pathways.

Double Roofing:  As part of passive cooling strategy, we’ve employed Double roof construction in meditation hall. This will ensure thermal comfort to the meditators.

Solar Energy:  Solar energy is used for power generation, Water heating and Cooking thereby reducing the current consumption bills.

Biogas:  Food waste is converted to Biogas and Manure thereby ensuring zero solid waste discharge.

Wastewater Treatment Systems:  The waste water from Kitchen and residential quarters is treated with natural methods and used for tree irrigation thereby minimising groundwater usage. This has resulted in a zero discharge of unused, untreated waste water into the environment.

Rain Water Harvesting:  Rainwater is collected through various rain pits and ponds. This in turn recharges the ground water.

Kitchen Garden:  Grains, Fruits and Vegetables that are needed for the kitchen are produced thereby minimising outside purchases and giving good quality food to the participants.

Water and Power Conservation Systems:  Keeping in mind the present day difficulties regarding dwindling natural resources such as water and coal, we’ve made attempts to minimise water and power wastages by adopting automated control systems.

Chemical Free Processes:  Chemical free solutions are being used for cleaning and washing.

Biodiverse Green Cover:  Over the past seven years, a total of about 6000 trees belonging to approximately 250 species are being planted. This has created a rich, bio diverse, forestry type of green cover ranging from small ground covers and creepers to giant trees.

Food:  Traditional SouthIndian Vegetarian food will be served during the 10-day course. Various types of rice, millets, grains, sprouted grams, cow milk, coconut milk, groundnut milk, close to 30 varieties of Vegetables and green leaves, sprouted grain porridge, vegetable juices, multigrain homemade biscuits and cakes are typically being served in a ten day course. Gingerly oil, groundnut oil, coconut oil, butter and ghee are the various types of Fats that are being used here.

Soundproof Meditation Halls:  The two soundproof meditation halls provide seamless and quiet meditative environment for the participants even during festival days.